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NEW HIS logo - Brand System-2.jpg


Harare International School is committed to educating the whole child intellectually, physically and socio-emotionally. We foster freedom of expression, independent thinking, and a sense of personal responsibility in a student-centered learning environment.

Our curriculum framework is based on the International Baccalaureate Programs which support the acquisition of knowledge and conceptual understanding through an inquiry-based approach, encouraging the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In addition, we emphasize the effective use of current technologies, the acquisition of multiple languages, creativity through the arts, and the pursuit of a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to academic excellence is supported through a strong staff development program.

We believe that for students to be fully contributing members of society, they must be socially and ethically responsible. HIS achieves this by fostering in students personal attributes aligned with the IB Learner Profile. This includes maintaining a commitment to community service, celebrating our diversity, and developing an understanding of and respect for others and the environment. We are also committed to actively stewarding the environment through sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Dr. Gregory J. Moncada.png

Dr. Gregory J. Moncada
School Director 

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Todd Meyer 

Activities Director

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